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anne arundel community college's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
anne arundel community college

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Medical Marijuana Week activities in Maryland [09 Feb 2009|12:56pm]


For the 7th year in a row activists across the nation will be organizing in support of Medical Marijuana Week.

Hosted annually during the week of February 15th, Medical Marijuana Week is an empowering week of events and activities organized to raise awareness about the growing support for safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research throughout the nation.

The Maryland chapters of Americans for Safe Access welcome your attendance at the following events:

Mon. Feb. 16th, 5pm -- Candlelight Vigil on the steps of The Maryland State House, located at State Circle in Annapolis, Maryland

Wed. Feb. 18th, 7pm -- Medical Cannabis 101. Panel of experts will discuss medical, legal, and political aspects of medical marijuana. U of MD College Park Campus, Room 3215 in the Art-Soc building

Thurs. Feb. 19th, 7pm
-- MMJ Week Wrap Party. Featuring local live entertainment, featured speakers, light snacks and drinks, $5 suggested donation, 2640 St. Paul St. Baltimore

For more info contact: Tony (415) 283-7404 or md4safeaccess@gmail.com

Americans for Safe Access is the nation’s largest organization of patients, medical professionals, scientists and concerned citizens promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research.

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Sonic Circuits Presents... Sun. November 30th [29 Nov 2008|11:16am]


Dan Conrad
Janel & Anthony & Violet

Sunday Nov 30, 2008
doors: 6:30pm
music: 7:00pm SHARP

8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring MD 20910
located three blocks south of the silver spring metro station (red line)
Free parking in gated lot
INFO: www.dc-soniccircuits.org
DIRECTIONS: www.pyramidatlanticartcenter.org

Dan Conrad is the inventor of the chromaccord instrument for sub-hypnotic retinal color interaction, the wildwave sound field multifrequency-blast generator, and the veena bambeena monocord of justintonian harmonics.

Janel & Anthony & Violet - cello, guitar, autoharp etc power drone trio!

Myo - smashed electrons and video

Dec 14
Music Over Matter Matter Over Mind
Blue Sausage Infant
Plus Special Guest!

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Sonic Circuits - Final Day of Festival [05 Oct 2008|10:52am]

press: info@dc-soniccircuits.org

BABY DEE to appear at Sonic Circuits

Performance artist extraordinaire and musician, former Antony & The Johnsons harpist, & Current 93 member performs at National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC on Sunday, October 5

HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGE: http://www.dc-soniccircuits.org/press/Baby_Dee-sm.jpg

From New York City street performer to the international stage, transgender performance artist and musician BABY DEE is a pianist, accordion player, songwriter and storyteller, classically-trained harpist and circus sideshow veteran. Antony & the Johnsons, Current 93 (UK), Larsen (Italy) as well as Marc Almond have benefited from her talents.

My music is really hard to describe. I seem to have sort of a split personality. There's clearly two sides and one of them is very vaudevilly circussy and the other is quite serious. I kind of balk at describing the serious part. I guess it's fair to say that my influences there are kind of arcane and have very little to do with contemporary music or even twentieth century music or even 19th or 18th century music. That end of me is very anachronistic. Some people are kind of taken aback by how "old" it sounds. It's not something I ever tried to do it just always came out that way. – Baby Dee, 2006

Baby Dee has releases on PRE Recordings (Germany) and David Tibet's Durtro Records (UK); her 2008 recording Safe Inside the Day is available on Drag City Records, Chicago.

BABY DEE (USA) _ Burbuja (Spain) _ Rarescale (UK)

Sunday, October 5, 2008 @ 3:00pm
Tickets: $10 at the door (doors open 2:30 p.m.)

National Museum of Women in the Arts
1250 New York Avenue NW, Washington DC 20005

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  
Also tonight at the Velvet Lounge, 9pm, $8 - a night of noise & no wave!!!

Skull Defekts (sweden)
Talk Normal (NYC)
Dead Violets (DC/Sweden)
Preliminary Reaction (The Netherlands)
Silvum (DC)

sonic circuits INFO + FULL SCHEDULE : http://www.dc-soniccircuits.org
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Sonic Circuits Experimental Music Benefit - Sunday Sept 14th [06 Sep 2008|06:52pm]


Sunday, September 14
Doors: 6:30p.m. Music: 7:00 p.m. sharp
admission: $5.00 at the door
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring MD 20910
located three blocks south of the silver spring metro station (red line)
INFO + DIRECTIONS: www.pyramidatlanticartcenter.org

BEN MILLER uses Alto and C-Tenor saxophones as source material for electronic and tape manipulation. Incorporating multiple foot pedals, tape decks and analog synth, he sets up a wall of dense frequencies through feedback and slow-paced improvisation. In 1977, Miller played alto sax in the art-punk band Destroy All Monsters (featuring Ron Asheton from The Stooges and Michael Davis from The MC5). He currently plays sax and composes for The Push-Pull Quartet having just released their first CDR “At The Stroke of Twelve” on Tiger Asylum Records, as well as being the composer/conductor for his 15-member ensemble, The Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra. INFO: http://www.myspace.com/benjaminrushmiller

N_DREW (Andrew Bucksbarg) creates audio-visual/VJ performances and interactive works, exploring organic and abstract forms, live A/V processes and participatory techno-culture, enthralling audiences with images, beats, ambient sounds and pixilated atmospheres. He is a media artist, experimental interaction designer, audio-visual performer and a professor in the Department of Telecommunications, Indiana University. As an experimental interaction artist, Bucksbarg concerns himself with technologies and social systems that support tactics of ambiguous, autonomous social creativity and exchange. His work appears in museums, galleries and festivals internationally. INFO: http://www.organicode.net/about.html

Jonathan Zorn is a composer/sound artist/performer currently living in Charlottesville, Virginia. He likes to make sounds using his voice, double bass, guitar, accordion, modular synthesizer and computer. His compositions and electronic instruments involve systems of interaction that exceed the control of any single participant, creating unstable sonic terrains and ensemble dynamics. Jonathan maintains several ongoing collaborative projects with artists and performers around the country including Rachel Thompson, David Kendall, Andrew Lafkas, Bryan Eubanks and Katherine Young. INFO: http://rasbliutto.net/artists/jonathanzorn.html
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Sonic Circuits Experimental Music [18 Aug 2008|10:34am]

Sunday, August 24, 7:00 p.m. sharp
admission: $5.00 at the door
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring MD 20910
located three blocks south of the silver spring metro station (red line)
INFO + DIRECTIONS: http://www.dc-soniccircuits.org/news/ or www.pyramidatlanticartcenter.org

MACAROON FIVE (Arthur Harrison on custom theremin + electronics with Michael Engle & Kevin Buckholdt)
BARSKY / ALLISON (drone guitar + custom electronics from Insect Factory and Kouhoutek members)
T.A. ZOOK (homemade instruments)

Spread the word, nerd.

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Open Mike Night [09 Jan 2007|08:58am]

Are there any places in Maryland that have open-mike nights for amateur comedians, poets, and the like?
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[08 Nov 2005|11:54am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I can see the different between community college and a REAL college now. At AACC, you get transfered from department to department 3 times and still won't speak to the person your trying to contact.

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[25 Jul 2005|04:09pm]
Here is a helpful scholarship website. www.fastweb.com.
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Transcript Question [20 Jul 2005|01:43pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Does anyone know if it's possible to have a previous bad grade removed from your transcript if you've retaken the class and received a better grade? Or is your transcript permanent no matter what?

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Join commcolleges! [25 Jun 2005|09:17pm]

I'm trying to unite community college students across the country in one community so we can share advice, give support, and talk about community colleges in general. Please join commcolleges if you'd like!

(My apologies if this is not permitted. Since it's so related to the community's topic, I figured it would be fine.)
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Janet Owens [17 Jun 2005|09:59am]

[ mood | nervous ]

Janet Owens is in our office right now filming (in case you didn't know, I work for AACC--as well as attend here.) I think this thing they are filming is going to be on the AACC public channel. I could see where they are filming from my desk, but then they said they were giving a tour! ACK! My desk area was the first stop...I had to scramble and hide my bagel and coffee--woops! I did not expect this at all...how embarrassing!

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[10 May 2005|12:10pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Can someone tell me when the next semester of classes starts?

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[28 Mar 2005|12:00pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Hello. My name is Melissa M. Lehman. This my 2nd semester at AACC. I plan to transfer to UMES eventually. Now, I am taking 4 classes. One on Mon. Wed. and three Tues. Thurs. I plan to become a Business Education Teacher. If I do not do good on this test tomorrow, I may drop the class. I am doing well in my other classes, and am allowing plenty of time to complete college, actually 5 years. I am 18 years old, and I will be 19 on Dec. 2nd. Thank you to the person who created this community.

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I'm new [13 Mar 2005|01:43pm]

I just joined this community. I'm currently taking ChildCare: Growth and Development 1 for my Childcare certificate. I first went to AACC back in 2001 but ended up failing due to emotional problems. This is my 3 rd time attending.
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Hello? Anyone here? [11 Mar 2005|09:34am]

I haven't posted or seen a post in here forever.

Wednesday March 9th was AACC's annual college fair. I have about 9 pictures to share if you are interested in my LJ scrapbook!

The pictures are only viewable to registered LJ users, sorry!

Just go to my user info page, scroll down to Pictures and click on the link.
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[07 Nov 2004|01:03pm]

Hello all. My name is Amanda, and I am new to this community, but am a second year student at aacc.

I am also vice president of the aacc History club, and I invite you all to join! We show a free movie every month, and recently saw Cold Mountain. No, this club is not like another class. We have fun, take trips, and bring is historical replications (example: swords!) for a show and tell type thing. This is our first semester as a club, and we really need more members. At the movies we see, members get free PIZZA and soda. Come on, it can't get much better than that. And this coming April, we plan to take a trip to Bushe Gardens.

Anyways, this is my formal Hello.
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Scrapbooking! [03 Sep 2004|07:24am]

Ok, sounds like a silly hobby, but I absolutely love it!

Does anyone else in the MD area like it too? As stupid as this sounds (and it could totally end up a flop like past things I've tried), but I might start a scrapbooking get together thing for YOUNG Adults. Most scrapbooking places have meetings and mostly older people go...which I suppose its fine, but I feel a little bit out of place with some of my photos and such at most times and I like meeting new people that are around my age as well.

A lot of people think that scrapbooking is stupid and quite boring, but it can be fun, and I think if I found some other young people who liked it as well (I was thinking roughly ages between 18-35...of course there is no age limit or anything in stone), then maybe we could all start having scrapbooking get togethers at places and just swap ideas and maybe different cut-outs or paper styles. Just a thought....is anyone interested? I'd assume we would mostly meet around the Annapolis-ish area.
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[30 Aug 2004|04:45pm]

Hey guys! I'm new to the college this year and am looking to get involved... I've heard that the college has an Anime Club. Do you guys have any information on it regarding like scheduled meetings and such? Thanks in advance!
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Howdy! [30 Jul 2004|01:02pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Just thought I'd introduce myself.

Though I graduated from AACC in 1996, I still take classes here every once in a while. But that's not all, lol. I work here full time. I work over in the HUM building as an Instructional Designer. I started off in the library as a student worker back in 1994 when I was 17 and fresh out of high school. After a few years, I transfered over to the Distance Learning division. While still working at both the library AND distance learning, I began working in the MIDLN room (the Maryland Interactive Distance Learning Network). Shortly after, I quit the library and began working in the duplicating room in humanities, running all the telecourse tapes that are shown on air and that are sold in the bookstore. Luckily for me, that soon led to a full-time permanent position in Instructional Design where I do audio and video production, as well as web design. I love working here, obviously, because I've been here for ten years. The faculty and staff are great, as are the students. Otherwise, I wouldn't have stuck around for as long as I have.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi!


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FMA Vote This Week! [12 Jul 2004|08:55am]

The Senate votes on the discriminatory Federal Marriage Amendment this week. And until then, I must ask you to do everything you can to make sure your Senators vote against it. This is the most important vote the LGBT community has faced in decades -- we must win. And we CAN win, if every fair-minded American commits to speaking up this week like never before.

Call BOTH your Senators, right now, and every day this week. Senators Sarbanes and Mikulski (Maryland) are hearing from the opposition in droves. Drown them out. If you do not live in Maryland you can find out your Senators by going to the following link and choosing your state.

Here is the number:


When you call, ask for one of your Senators by name. When their office answers, state your name and address and urge them to oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment. Then call your other Senator immediately and do the same. Not sure what to say? Click here:


**This issue is very close to my heart....so this will be x-posted quite a bit to the other communties that I am in...sorry if you have to see this more than once. <3,Allie**
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