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Allie Kat

FMA Vote This Week!

The Senate votes on the discriminatory Federal Marriage Amendment this week. And until then, I must ask you to do everything you can to make sure your Senators vote against it. This is the most important vote the LGBT community has faced in decades -- we must win. And we CAN win, if every fair-minded American commits to speaking up this week like never before.

Call BOTH your Senators, right now, and every day this week. Senators Sarbanes and Mikulski (Maryland) are hearing from the opposition in droves. Drown them out. If you do not live in Maryland you can find out your Senators by going to the following link and choosing your state.

Here is the number:


When you call, ask for one of your Senators by name. When their office answers, state your name and address and urge them to oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment. Then call your other Senator immediately and do the same. Not sure what to say? Click here:

**This issue is very close to my this will be x-posted quite a bit to the other communties that I am in...sorry if you have to see this more than once. <3,Allie**
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