Allie Kat (stardust122181) wrote in aacc_students,
Allie Kat


Ok, sounds like a silly hobby, but I absolutely love it!

Does anyone else in the MD area like it too? As stupid as this sounds (and it could totally end up a flop like past things I've tried), but I might start a scrapbooking get together thing for YOUNG Adults. Most scrapbooking places have meetings and mostly older people go...which I suppose its fine, but I feel a little bit out of place with some of my photos and such at most times and I like meeting new people that are around my age as well.

A lot of people think that scrapbooking is stupid and quite boring, but it can be fun, and I think if I found some other young people who liked it as well (I was thinking roughly ages between 18-35...of course there is no age limit or anything in stone), then maybe we could all start having scrapbooking get togethers at places and just swap ideas and maybe different cut-outs or paper styles. Just a anyone interested? I'd assume we would mostly meet around the Annapolis-ish area.
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Wow. After all these years, you're still with Ryan.

Yup are you doing Jenn? Long time no talk!