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Can someone tell me when the next semester of classes starts?
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You're in luck. I do happen to know that.

There are three summer sessions, but the first one begins May 23rd.
Looks like I'll be starting my ever-dreaded math class on the second session...

Yeah, I think the second starts like, June 20th or something...don't quote me on that, and then I think the next is July 5 or, I had the answers today and I forget that fast. lol

What math is it? Just curious.
Intro to Pre Algebra... math isn't my strong point... I'm an artist. :)
It's not my strong point either. Somehow on the placement test I tested into Math 012 (Adv. Alegebra.) I went the first day and was completely lost. What's sad is it was only review of Math 011! I thought I would start at the beginning and take Math 010. I mean, I graduated H.S. in 1995, so I didn't remember anything. I'm really glad I started at the made taking 011, 012 and then 131 really easy for me.

If you can get Instructor/Professor Melissa Spurlock for any of your math, she's really good.

Good luck!
I think I did have her... but I've failed this class 3 times. :'(